Commercial Kitchen Design

commercial kitchen design picsA Commercial kitchen design project can be a task. Whether you are just in the planning stages of a new restaurant, bar or catering hall or are expanding, updating or improving your existing facility, One Way Supply Corp. of  Patchogue, Long Island is here to help.

Having many years of experience with all types of commercial kitchen design our staff is here to help you through the process of designing your kitchen.

We are fully aware that kitchen facilities/sizes can vary immensely and that in turn can cause some design issues. Knowing this, we have made sure that we developed relationships with a vast array of manufacturers in the industry.  These manufacturers offer the greatest number of options available to satisfy both your desires and design ideas. Fitting a grill, a griddle or more than 1 wine cooler into a small kitchen, can be tricky.  Our design consultants are here to help.

Part of the success of any commercial food service business is the efficiency and speed at which the kitchen can turn out the food orders. Unfortunately, in today’s world, most folks want things done quickly.

Kitchen design is a crucial factor in satisfying a customer. Actually, it can be a crucial factor in keeping your chefs happy and the kitchen staff as well in addition to the overall peace behind the scenes.

We have access to walk in refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators, freezers, coolers, dishwashers, food racks, ranges, grills, ovens, proofers and more.  Our experienced design team will work with you to maximize the efficiency of the most important part of your facility…..the kitchen.

Call or visit us today, and start on your way to a beautiful, clean, efficient commercial kitchen.


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